As a lead environment artist at Telltale Games, I provide leadership and mentorship to a talented environment team that bring content from design and concept phases to delivery into game. Finding inspiration from the world around I work with the creative team that take dreams and build them as virtual reality. My proudest accomplishments are contributions to the groundbreaking The Walking Dead (Seasons 1 and 2) games. Season 1 was named the 2012 “Game of the Year” by multiple outlets including the Official Xbox Magazine and Spike TV’s Video Game Awards.

I credit my accomplishments to determination and mindset when I attended Ex’pression College. “I never took the education for granted. I was not only making a passion my future, but my job started at Ex’pression.” Prior to graduation, I had multiple job offers, ultimately deciding to pursue the opportunity with Telltale Games.

My passion for automotive & motor sports extends to a hobby of restoring a silver 1995 Mazda FD3s RX-7 & riding around on a bright Yellow Ducati Scrambler. Beyond that I enjoy extreme sports that are challenging both physically and mentally. Ramping up on long marathans, bouldering, and riding English-hunter horseback I try to keep on the move.  My newest passion, the greatest leap, is skydiving…