As a lead environment artist at Telltale Games I provided leadership and mentorship to talented environment teams for projects building content from design, concept, delivery phases to shipping released titles worldwide.  My proudest accomplishments are contributions to the groundbreaking The Walking Dead (Seasons 1 and 2) games. Season 1 was named the 2012 “Game of the Year” by multiple outlets including the Official Xbox Magazine and Spike TV’s Video Game Awards as well solidifying new modern engines in the final year at Telltale.

I credit my accomplishments to determination and mindset when I attended Ex’pression College. “I never took the education for granted. I was not only making a passion my future, but my job started at Ex’pression.” Prior to graduation, I had multiple job offers, ultimately deciding to pursue the opportunity with Telltale Games.

I have a passion for automotive & motor sports extends to a hobby of restoring a silver 1995 Mazda FD3s RX-7 & riding around on a bright Yellow Ducati Scrambler. Beyond that I enjoy extreme sports that are challenging both physically and mentally. Ramping up on long marathans, bouldering, and riding English-hunter horseback I try to keep on the move.

I love looking into new toolsets, taking on new challenges, pipelines, and teams. One of the latest examples was as a principal artist in the last year of Telltale we grew a new pipeline for a brand new HDRP based engine supported by pod-based teamwork. The amount of content created both internally and externally was astonishing by taking a larger leadership role by mentoring and empowering team members.

Brief Resume: